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Cook at Home Paella
 is always willing to help the community.  They are happy to let schools and related cultural events borrow their Paella Pan free of charge and provide all the help you need to create the perfect Paella, as they offer instructions on how to cook it.  As most schools can source ingredients from local sponsors this becomes a very effective way of making money for your school/charitable trust.
Cook at Home Paella can also come to your event and sell hot churros and tea, coffee and chocolate, giving you 50% of the sales revenue.  They have our own catering trailer that's a regsitered kitchen, so they can slot in anywhere.  

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Maungawhau School Fair 
See the giant 200+ Person Paella Pan in action on Sunday 7th November 2010, which Cook at Home Paella have provided to the school free of charge

Good Shepherd Primary School Fair
Cook at Home Paella equipment was provided to help them with their school fair and raised hundred of dollars

Mission Heights Junior College
Cook at Home Paella equipment was provided to help them with their International Festival
"I used the paella pan at our school's International Food Festival. The pan drew lots of attention and the aroma combined with the vibrant colours of the paella meant that we were sold out in no time!   It was so easy and so tasty! On behalf of our college, I would like to thank Jose and the team for their professional, prompt and helpful service. - Joanne Cook"
Auckland Museum - World on Your Plate: Spanish
Cook at Home Paella equipment was provided to help them with this event, which was organised by the members of the Auckland's Hispanic Club, who do so much to promote the Spanish Culture in Auckland.  See their websites for more details:-